Managed Content Distribution to iPads and Windows Devices


Pushdox is designed specifically for distributing content to iPad or Windows clients where collaboration is not needed and you want to make sure they always have the right, most current information.

Using our simple Administrator, you can organize your content and assign different documents, videos or web links to different groups of users.

Additionally, since the iPad cannot share files across applications, Pushdox allows you to setup up a customized portal on the iPad that self-configures on every connection based on what is assigned to the user. You can even assign different background images to different groups of users.

The free iPad or Windows apps are intuitive to use, so no real user training is required.

If you have a larger organization, assignments and user criteria can be automated using your HR or other database.

And all this can be accomplished by non-IT people using our secure servers.

Pushdox iPad Client

Pushdox iPad Client
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Learn more about Pushdox and how it can work for you: Pushdox - Intelligent Content Delivery


Manage your Remote Infrastructure with LiveConnect 6.1


Religent specializes in automating remote client communications and document distribution.

LiveConnect, our flagship product, is used by 4 of the top 6 pharmaceutical companies to automate communications between their US sales forces and corporate headquarters. LiveConnect's client simplifies the sales rep's connection to the corporate network and automates the entire session, ensuring image control, email delivery and all application data is refreshed.

Our document delivery plug-in (DSS) manages the distribution of the right material to the right sales rep. As sales reps and managers are re-aligned, we automatically delete the old documents and deliver the new ones based on their new assignments.

In retail, we manage data transport between field personnel, stores or restaurants and corporate, moving daily sales data, payroll information and other necessary data between the two. DSS manages the delivery of individual sales reports and other documents to the store computers and the manager's and field rep's remote devices.

Learn more about LiveConnect at LiveConnect 6.1