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Pushdox - Intelligent Document Delivery

Pushdox is designed to easily assign and deliver content to your iPads and Windows devices. Using our Administrator, you can organize, upload and classify your content, and as soon as you assign a user to a document group, they get it on their next sync regardless of whether they connect in via a Windows device or an iPad.. or both.

With Pushdox, you enjoy a number of advantages:

  • No IT required- Pushdox runs in the Cloud and everything is done through the graphical Administrator. You can put a non-IT person in charge of setting up and running it.
  • Secure and robust - Pushdox is built on Religent's LiveConnect web services, which has been delivering gigabytes of content every week to 1000's of pharma reps. Connections to the web servers are via SSL.
  • Free Apps - your users simply download the free iPad app from iTunes or get the Windows client from our web site, install it and that's it. Deployment is simple.
  • Extremely easy to use for the client - After they launch the app and have entered their credentials, the rest is automatic and intuitive and no real training is required.
  • It's customizable - you can easily create and assign custom backgrounds for your iPads, so each group can have a different look.
  • It fits right in - Pushdox gives you a portal into your organization. With its web links feature, you can combine any of your intranet sites with your content and have one point of entry.
  • It can replace email - If you send a lot of content out via email, you know how much of it gets lost. With Pushdox, one single sync will always give your users exactly what they need and always up-to-date.

So if you are thinking of deploying or have deployed iPads and are trying to figure out how to manage important content, Pushdox is your best bet. Find out more information at

LiveConnect 6.1 - Turning Access into Communications

LiveConnect has been a force in the remote communications world for over 12 years and is designed to both automate and simplify managing your remote clients.

In the Life Sciences world, LiveConnect has provided a simplified way for remote users to connect to the corporate LAN and automate their sessions. Once connected, the user can walk away from the device and the LiveConnect client will sync their email, CRM app, viewer content and provide application and device management capablilities.

Assignments can be automated, using corporate HR or other files to control assignments, which is especially helpful when trying to manage larger sales forces where re-alignments occur frequently. All session history is logged and is available either through LiveConnect Reporting or you can write your own reports.

In Retail, we provide the ability to centrally manage your stores or restaurants including pulling data from and sending data to each location. LiveConnect performs polling as well as sending down training, HR and other content. If you are looking to upgrade your polling system, LiveConnect is your best option.

LiveConnect uses a robust, secure web service model which is fast and highly scalable. You can run it inside your firewall or use it in the Cloud using Religent servers. If you would like more information, contact us at